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Eurorack Module

Though Envade is the first module we've ever designed and released, lots of care was put into its design and production to make sure we started strong. Below you can find images, the build guide, the specs, and other useful information.

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Click HERE to view the REVISION 1.7 BUILD GUIDE (Purple PCB)

Or if you have an older kit from before November 2022:
Revision 1.6 Build Guide (Red PCB)

We cannot take any responsibility for damages potentially caused by DIY modules! Please be careful!


HP Size 8 HP
Depth (with power) 30 mm (1.18")


Max current draw (+12V) 52 mA
Max current draw (-12V) 5 mA
Idle current draw (+12V) 800 μA (0.8 mA)

ENVade ENVade ENVade ENVade

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